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Danny MacNair

Founder, Fitness Visionary

Innovator Danny MacNair


Danny is the founder of Boca Fitness and Wellness and the creator of the MacNair Method. Danny grew up in South Florida, studying piano, ballet, running track, and playing football. Danny's parents were part of the ministry, and as a child, he learned about the gifts of healing people and transforming their lives. Danny, a talented young athlete, received a scholarship to Pope John Paul and UCLA for football. He studied to become a physical therapist and realized how much he enjoyed helping people heal and improving their quality of life.


After studying body mechanics, Danny returned to south Florida and became a physical trainer. After 12 years of training, He opened a premier training—facility in East Boca Raton. Boca Fitness and Wellness was born in 2014. Danny was soon recognized for his talents and understanding of the body as a fitness technician. Danny developed a new program, The MacNair Method. The Method was created to facilitate the advancement of athletes from the junior to the professional level to achieve their maximum potential in their specialized (individualized) sports.


With his knowledge and understanding of the body, The Method uses diversified training techniques to facilitate agility, mobility, conditioning, balance, and mental fitness. With the further development of these skills, his athletes can enhance their athletic performance during competition. (game time) Top athletes worldwide have noted the value of fitness, which has become a significant component of success. Danny has trained top athletes, including Taylor Townsend (former #1 junior in the world and currently complete 100 in WTA), Janko Tipsarevic(ATP and WTA), Derick Rose (Chicago Bulls), and Michelle Quan (two-time Olympic medalist), name some. Danny has used his love of fitness and understanding of the components of the body to bring DYNAMIC DETAIL training globally based in south Florida.

"Tennis is mostly mental ,you win or lose the match before you ever go out there"

Serena Williams

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