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Individualized Sports

Sports Specific Training


MacNair Tennis Fitness

The MacNair Method Tennis Fitness sets the standards for which all other programs are measured.For over 14 years The Method has honed and modified its training strategies to enable tennis players to maximize  their potential through technical,tactical,physical and mental training.These components are all necessary (required) for the overall success of tennis players today. Fitness training has been recognized  by top tennis players globally that compete in long rigorous matches as the key determining factor during match time. With consistent tennis fitness training success rates and overall ranking are proven to increase. The Method uses specific individualized drills on and off the court to build flexibility , speed, timing, accuracy and endurance. Join the MacNair Method tennis training and LEVEL UP!!

Lacrosse Sticks in Air

MacNair Lacrosse Fitness

The Methods goal is to give our athletes the edge needed to become high level Lacrosse players. Lacrosse is recognized by top colleges around the country .With improvements in speed ,agility ,strength and overall field awareness our athletes are able to shine. The Method offers the industry’s premier program for Lacrosse fitness and positional specific Instruction.

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MacNair Soccer Fitness

The MacNair Method represents one the nation’s best training and development camps. Right here in South Fla With position-specific instruction from top fitness coaches and a proven methodology that has produced multiple MLS players and countless D-I players, The MacNair Method soccer camps will hone all aspects of your game.

The MacNair Method offers a soccer fitness program designed to achieve our athletes goals, including personalized coaching sessions and training specializations focusing on fitness ,speed & agility. Speed drills and

Golf Balls

MacNair Golf Fitness

Top Golfers around the world know potential is met through all around development. With a consistent balanced training regiment that focuses on physical,mental, technical, and course management aspects of the game. It doesn't matter whether you're aiming to compete in college , make your varsity team roster or even seeking the highest levels of PGA experience, The Method will assist you in flexibility , movement and injury prevention . The method is an ideal option for all golfers.

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Ice Skater

MacNAir Figure Skating

The Method uses specifically designed training components for our figure skaters combining balance, strength and flexibility. The creation of spacing drills enables our athletes to elongate their bodies creating long lean lines and strength training creates consistency enabling the skater to reach greater height in their jumps and therefore cleaner rotations.The mental aspects of figure skating have been noted by top skaters including Olympians like Michelle Quan and Nancy Kerrigan. The MacNair Method uses physical training as well as mental toughness drills to enable our skaters to perform their programs at the highest level during competition.


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MacNAir Ice Hockey

The MacNair Method uses a variety of drills which are designed to help players improve their ability to track pucks and respond faster. The Method uses detailed fitness drills to enable more speed. , agility and flexibility . The Method also focuses on the mental component  to promote overall better visualizations and quicker reaction time resulting in stronger plays .

Train with The MacNair Method off the ice to further your development on the ice and get an edge on your competition. Developing athletes fitness levels empowers them to be more confident in tight game situations. 


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"Being Strong is a mindset. Change starts from within "

Dwayne Wade

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