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Professional Athlete Training


The MacNair method is a highly developed training program designed for the athlete who wants to reach new heights in their individualized sport. Skill and quickness are key components to success in sports and The  MacNair Method  enhances both of these abilities using techniques based around the fundamental physics of the game. The Method's program targets theses natural laws of motion, force and acceleration creating a new generation of rapid, world class athletes.


Force generation:  condition muscles to instantly generate power to stop, turn and  drive


Agility:  sharpen ,quicker reaction time and trajectory changing direction


Proprioception: heighten peak mental awareness of muscle and body alignment while moving better orientation on the field or court 


Speed:  instill low center of gravity and leg turnover frequency to move effortlessly


These are some fundamental strategies that the MacNair Method encompasses. 


Level up with The MacNair Method 

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